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Great Discounts at ‘La Pépinière de Labourdonnais’

Fans of gardening will be able to do great deals at La Pépinière de Labourdonnais as from the 27 October to 1st November 2011. They will be able to benefit of 15% discount on a great variety plants which includes, among others, fruit trees, bedding plants, creepers, palms and trees of various species. La Pépinière de Labourdonnais also offers many products for gardening such as topsoil, compost, seeds, garden tools, fertilizers and bio pesticides. For those who have missed the last edition of this event held in May, it is the opportunity to explore the wide selection of plants that made the reputation of La Pépinière de Labourdonnais, and look for all the products necessary to embellish theirs gardens for this summer.

The bonus for this year is a free ticket to "Labourdonnais, a château in a natural setting" for a purchase of Rs 500. During this promotional period, La Corbeille also offers 5% discount on flowers and bouquets.

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